H. Lawrence Culp, Jr.

Chairman and CEO, GE

Appointed September 2018
H. Lawrence Culp, Jr. is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of GE. Larry is GE’s twelfth CEO and the company’s eleventh Chairman.

Vic Abate

Senior Vice President & Chief Technology Officer, GE

Appointed September 2015
Responsible for leading the company’s global research, engineering, and product management teams. GE Research is GE’s innovation powerhouse where research meets reality.

Linda Boff

Chief Marketing Officer
Vice President, Learning & Culture, GE

Appointed September 2015
Responsible for driving global brand and reputation through marketing and communication in addition to learning & development, including GE Crotonville.

Kevin Cox

Chief Human Resources Officer, GE

Appointed February 2019
Responsible for leading global HR organization, including Talent Management, Leadership Development and Learning, Compensation and Benefits, Employee Relations and Security.

Chris Drumgoole

Vice President
Chief Information Officer, GE

Appointed July 2018
Responsible for GE’s global information technology strategy, services, and operations.

Rachel Duan

Senior Vice President, GE President & CEO, GE Global Growth Organization

Appointed January 2019
Responsible for leading the global growth markets with a focus on a company-to-country approach, demand creation, financing efforts, talent development, risk management, and building a strong GE brand.

John Godsman

Head of Business Development, GE

Appointed February 2019
Responsible for accelerating GE’s global portfolio strategy, M&A, divestitures, and partnership development initiatives.

Mike Holston

Senior Vice President, General Counsel & Secretary

Appointed April 2018
Leads the company’s global legal, compliance and ethics, corporate secretary and environment health & safety organizations.

Daniel Janki

Senior Vice President, Business Transformation

Appointed January 2018
Responsible for GE Business Transformation focusing on GE’s strategy, financial models, analysis, and portfolio decision making.

David L. Joyce

Vice Chair, GE and President & CEO, GE Aviation

Appointed Vice Chair, GE September 2016, CEO GE Aviation June 2008
Responsible for the design and manufacturing of world-leading commercial and military jet engines and components, a global services network, and integrated digital, electric power and mechanical systems for aircraft.

Steven Martin

Acting CEO & Chief Commercial Officer, GE Digital
Chief Digital Officer, GE Power

Appointed December 2018
Responsible for the strategy and oversight of GE’s Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) portfolio, including its Digital Energy software.

Jamie S. Miller

Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, GE

Appointed October 2017
Responsible for leading GE's overall financial activities, global finance organization and the core Digital Technology (DT) function.

Kieran Murphy

President & CEO, GE Healthcare

Appointed June 2017
Responsible for transformational medical technologies and solutions in the global healthcare industry.

Jason Oliver

Vice President & CEO, GE Additive

Appointed January 2018
Responsible for enabling global manufacturers to use additive printing technology through strategic direction and operational leadership.

Jér?me Pécresse

Senior Vice President, GE & CEO, GE Renewable Energy

Appointed November 2015
Responsible for leading the broadest renewable energy portfolio in the industry, which includes on-shore wind, off-shore wind, hydro, Wind Blades, and grid solutions.

Sue Siegel

Chief Innovation Officer & CEO of GE Ventures

Appointed October 2017
Responsible for leading the development and acceleration of innovation across the company.

Lorenzo Simonelli

Senior Vice President, GE and Chairman, President & CEO, Baker Hughes, a www.5rnko.com.cnpany

Appointed October 2017
Responsible for helping build a leading digital fullstream oil and gas company that invents smarter ways to bring energy to the world.

Russell Stokes

Senior Vice President, GE and President & CEO, GE Gas Power Portfolio

Appointed June 2017
Responsible for being the world's energy leader, from generation to consumption, and for simplifying, reducing costs and serving customers across the entire energy value chain.

Scott Strazik

CEO, GE Gas Power

Appointed November 2018
Responsible. for delivering gas power producers the advanced technology, services, knowledge and insights they need to build, operate and maintain their gas power generation plants.

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