Our Customers

Our customers expect a lot from us - and they should.

At GE, our success relies heavily on the success of our partners. Whether you’re a global entity innovating for the future, a manufacturer providing products and services in regions across the world, or a mid-market dealer who needs inventory financing, our focus is helping you grow your company.

GE has a long track record of creating value for our customers applying a breadth of expertise across a wide range of businesses around the globe. We demonstrate this expertise and commitment through integrated programs like GE Advantage, Access GE, Customer Training and Innovation Centers.

It is this approach that provides the foundation for our partnerships, helping us solve the world’s toughest challenges together.

Aviation, Commercial Engines: Boeing

The GE90 engine represents GE's continued investment in the future of wide-body aircraft. Combining the best proven technology from previous GE engine programs, NASA and military programs with advanced technology, the GE90 provides a highly reliable, fuel-efficient power plant for the Boeing 777 family. The Guinness Book of World Records recognized the engine as the "World's Most Powerful Commercial Jet Engine.”

Today the GE90 powers Boeing’s 777 aircraft capable of flying farther, faster and more efficiently than their predecessors. The GE90-115B, is the sole power plant for Boeing's longer-range 777-300ER, while the GE90-110B powers the Boeing 777-200LR and the world's largest, most capable twin-engine freighter -- Boeing's 777 Freighter. The 777 Freighter offers unsurpassed efficiency to long-haul markets and provide more capacity than any other twin-engine freighter.

Read more at GE Aviation.

Capital Inventory Financing: P.C. Richard and Son

Founded in 1909, P.C. Richard & Son is one of the oldest private, family-owned appliance and consumer electronics retailers in the United States. This Week in Consumer Electronics places P.C. Richard among the top 25 largest electronics retailers in America at over $1 billion in sales for 2010.

When consumers shop for electronics and appliances they are looking for a wide produce selection, great service, and an affordable way to make their large purchases. At P.C. Richard providing a great customer experience is just part of the company's DNA. In order to provide a large selection they turn to GE Capital for help with flexible inventory financing. And when it's time to close a customer sale, P.C. Richard uses GE Capital consumer financing programs right on the sales floor. Selling electronics and appliances is a dynamic and competitive business where markets and competitors change quickly. P.C. Richard has prospered through the years by relying on a rock solid partnership with GE Capital to help them succeed.

Read more at GE Capital.

Distributed Energy: Songas

The grid in Tanzania has not sufficiently supported the rapid growth of the country, and frequent load changes must be managed. With millions of people in Tanzania relying on the grid for lights every night, refrigeration for food and medicines, and power to run their businesses, Songas and GE saw this as another opportunity to jointly support the country’s expansive opportunities. GE's aeroderivative two-rotor design provides faster responses to load changes than any other similar gas turbine in the industry. This capability allows for greater grid stability in response to voltage and frequency fluctuations, giving the country an energy solution to handle its explosive growth.

In a normal year, the grid experiences around 20 disturbances, but with the increasing demand on the grid due to country's growth the disturbances increased to 45 times last year. GE's aeroderivative gas turbines have a quick start-up rate of 10 minutes, so the Songas plant was able to restart expeditiously with the speed of an aircraft engine taking off.

Read more at GE Energy.

Healthcare: Wheaton Franciscan

There’s no way around it — due to the economy and other cost pressures, many healthcare organizations have deferred purchasing year over year, with demand for replacement at a boiling point now that technology has reached end of life or beyond. There is a huge need for criteria and data-based processes that drive a solid list of priorities for equipment replacement.

After a rigorous analysis, Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare, a 15-hospital site system in Southeast Wisconsin, Iowa and Illinois, and GE found millions in underutilized assets. Based on concrete data on how Wheaton Franciscan uses its equipment, the team at GE was able to make recommendations for the organization’s list of equipment replacement. The audit realized 35 percent reduction in the five-year replacement funds needed — allowing the organization to redirect valuable dollars to higher priority items. Now in the process of the next round of capital planning, Wheaton Franciscan has a clear list of priority replacement equipment. And best of all, the organization now has a process that is repeatable for future planning processes.

Read more at GE Healthcare.

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