GE Investors

Notice of 2019 Annual Meeting & Proxy Statement

Voting and Meeting Information

Annual Meeting

澳客网彩票 You are invited to attend GE’s 2019 annual meeting. This page contains important information about the meeting, including how you can make sure your views are represented by voting today. Be sure to check out our proxy and annual report at the websites below.


Mike Holston, Secretary



10:00am Eastern Time


May 8, 2019


Westchester Marriott

670 White Plains Rd.

Tarrytown, New York 10591

Attending in Person

You must be a GE shareowner as of the record date, and you must bring your admission card & government-issued photo ID. See Attending the Meeting in Voting & Meeting Information for more details.



Elect the 10 directors named in the proxy for the coming year

Your Board recommends a vote for each director nominee


Approve our named executives’ compensation in advisory vote

Your Board recommends a vote for this proposal


Amend the Certificate of Incorporation to reduce the minimum number of directors for our Board from ten to seven

Your Board recommends a vote for this proposal


Ratify the selection of KPMG as independent auditor for 2019

Your Board recommends a vote for this proposal


Vote on shareowner proposals included in proxy if properly presented at the meeting

Your Board recommends a vote against each proposal

Shareowners also will transact any other business that properly comes before the meeting

Voting Q&A

Who can vote?

Shareowners as of our record date, March 11, 2019

How many shares are entitled to vote?

8.7 billion common shares (preferred shares are not entitled to vote)

How many votes do I get?

One vote on each proposal for each share you held as of the record date (see first question above)

Do you have an independent inspector of elections?

Yes, you can reach them at IVS Associates, 1000 N. West St., Ste. 1200, Wilmington, DE 19801

Can I change my vote?

Yes, by voting in person at the meeting, delivering a new proxy or notifying IVS Associates in writing. But, if you hold shares through a broker, you will need to contact them

Is my vote confidential?

Yes, only IVS Associates & certain GE employees/agents have access to individual shareowner voting records

How many votes are needed to approve a proposal?

Majority of votes cast; abstentions & broker non-votes generally are not counted & have no effect; for the management proposal to amend the Certificate of Incorporation, majority of shares outstanding with abstentions & broker non-votes having the same effect as a vote AGAINST

Where can I find out more information?

See Voting & Meeting Information

How you can vote

Do you hold shares directly with GE or in the Retirement Savings Plan (RSP)?

Use the internet at

Call toll-free(US/CANADA)


Mail your signed proxy form

Do you hold shares through a bank or broker?


Use the internet at

Call toll-free(US/CANADA)


Mail your signed voting instruction form


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